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CSM Testimonies

Our ministry tries to take videos of our students sharing their stories as often as we can. Here is one of our latest.

Frequency Conference- March 18th & 19th 2011

Beginning last year, the student ministry I work with has began hosting an annual junior high conference called Frequency. Frequency is design to be cheap, high quality, and promote area unity. If you have a moment…you should check it out! Cost is $10 for each student. Non-churched students get in free. Includes 2 free leadership registrations.

YouVersion Live

Picture 4

Many people now have iPhones, iPod Touches, Blackberries, and WinMo Phones that support Life’s Bible application. They released a new feature called “YouVersion live” last week. We used it in our student services and I’ve got great feedback. It’s totally free and doesn’t require anything to be projected on screen, etc. People just log in from their phones.

10,000 miles Live Event: (last week’s message)

CrossWalk Group Page

It allows you to host “live” events for sermons. Everyone in your audience  can follow your sermon, take notes, email their notes, submit prayer requests, twitter, tithe, take a poll, and more from their phone while you’re preaching. They can even go to the website and look at your sermon later. We had several people using the service last weekend.

Awesome Baptism Service

We had 8 students be baptized this past Sunday! The video only shows 7 as we were quicker than the student videographer! We’re really excited because we’ve got 8 more students interested in baptism!

Sample Worship Service Video

I took a SUPER QUICK/BAD video of our worship service for a project. We’re hoping to do a more professional shot soon. But, in case you’re interested, watch a sample of our high school worship.

Text-to-Screen: Poll Everywhere

Our results

Our results

This past week we used a new service that was recommended by this blog. Sign-up was super easy and we were ready to go in about 30 minutes. Poll Everywhere has tons of features such as: web voting, smartphone voting, normal text voting. You can also download slides (powerpoint & keynote) that will update live in your own sermon presentation. We didn’t have time to mess with that, so we just showed the web interface on our screen.

Getting results was super fast. It’s almost instant. We posted a question, gave the text numbers, and within a second results starting showing up live on our screen. Our students thought it was pretty cool and it was neat to use this as an illustration in our service. Poll Everywhere also has the option for interactive worship. Instead of fighting text messenging during your serivce, you should try to integrate it. We did and it was awesome!

Series Run down Volume 6

Date: February 22, 2009
Teaching Series: Xposed
Key Passages: 1 John 2:15-17, 2 Corinthians 4:18, Romans 12:2
Service Length: 60 minutes
Attendance: up 31% over the same time last year, up 7% over previous service

Worship Set: Undignified, Take, Take, Take it All, Mighty to Save, Revelation Song

Message Summary: This week we talked about everything XXX. We allowed God’s Word to speak into our lives in regards to pornography and sexting. As we read Scripture, we tried to put it into practice.

Student Involvement: Students made up the worship band, ran lights, sound, and media. Students also served at our guest check-in, and served all over the church.
Fun Stuff/Special Elements: We began our service by using an interactive “text-to-screen” application. We surveyed our students on 4 questions. 1. How many people have a facebook acccount (warm-up)? 2. How many people have looked at porn in the past week (separate guys/girls response)? 3. How many people have sent a sexually explicit text message? 4. How many people have taken a picture of themselves in a sexually explicit way? We didn’t expect some of the results. For example, about 30% of our girls had looked at pornography in the past week.

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