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Preaching with stories

I’m really excited for 2010’s preaching schedule! We spent the most part of October/November thinking through how we would approach this year in student ministry. (In case you didn’t know, I preach almost every week.) This year we really wanted to focus on teaching our students how to tell their stories by giving them insight into biblical characters. It goes like this…

Instead of us preaching by book, chapter, verse, or even topic, we’re taking a different approach. We’re focusing on PEOPLE in the Bible. We’re specifically looking at how their testimony would look if we were to ask them today. What would Adam’s testimony be? Eve? Noah?

For example, tomorrow I’m preaching on Eve. Typically we only associate her with the fall and how that basically screwed everything up. BUT, if she were to tell it, I don’t think that would be the defining part of her testimony. I think, like many of us, it would be something in the past. A point in time where we sinned and realized we are apart from God. Granted, Eve’s was the first, but I don’t think that changes anything. Eve lived for a really long time. I’m sure she experienced God in other ways.

So, as you sit and plan out your messages, I encourage you to look at the individual you’re preaching on. Ask yourself what their story is and how they would tell it. I promise it’ll open up your eyes to new biblical truths about God!

Not to leave you hanging… I think Eve’s testimony went like this:

“I thought I was making a good choice, but I really wasn’t. Man, I really wish I knew then what I know now. I wish I could have remained innocent and been totally satisfied with God. Even though I reached up and grabbed that apple, looking back now, that wasn’t the turning point in my life. Sure, I walked with God, and I would give anything to have that back. However, in the process of making a stupid decision I saw a different side of God. I no longer took him for granted. Even though our actions set into effect a chain reaction of the need for restoration, God never left me. Sure my actions changed our relationship, but He proved faithful and never left my side. I remember the first murder. At that moment, I understood how God’s heart must have felt when we stepped away from Him. My heart hurt so bad for Abel. I asked myself why Cain felt he needed to kill his brother. Such horrible things happened and knowing it was all my fault (I did bring sin into the world) was more than I could bare. Yet, God was still with me. He was still faithful. He even let me know that though I messed things up, He would restore the world through my womb. I’m not for sure exactly what that meant, but I do know the serpent who lied to me with be destroyed. I know now, I don’t need to know everything. That’s the beauty of God. He’s waiting for us to trust him and let him lead. His love never fails. “

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