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Service Run Down: Volume 1

Teaching Series: LIVE | SERVE | GROW
Key Passage: Luke 9:23, Acts 2:42-47 
Service Length: 61 minutes
Attendance: up 14% over the same time last year, up 30% over previous service

Worship Set: I am Free, We Shine, Heart of Worship, The Stand
Communion Song: Lead me to the Cross

Message Summary: Once we make a decision to follow Jesus, we need to learn how to work out our faith. Scripture tells us exactly how the early church celebrated Christ and lived their life. Acts 2:42-47 tells us that the church was filled with awe. Sometimes we lose that awe and we take advantage of opportunities to worship. We need to refocus on whom it is we’re worshipping and not on our environment. Our connection to God is supposed to be alive and dynamic. When we look back in January 2010, we want 2009 to have been a year of holy transformation in our lives and ministry. We want 2009 to be known as the year we were filled with awe and came alive in Christ. We ended by raising our hands to Christ and asked for forgiveness. Neil led us in the Heart of Worship again. 

Student Involvement: Students made up the band, ran audio, propresenter, guest check-in, and student check-in. 
Fun Stuff/Special Elements: Middle school hour-Threw candy at students and they raced to tell me their new year resolutions. High School hour- leveraged our table format for small group discussion on random resolutions/goals for 2009. Both services had a lot of excitement and our new table format seemed to work well. This week we had communion trays placed at each table and let each table serve each themselves. This our first week with the new format with separate middle school/high school worship hours.

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