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Whole30 Challenge: Update

So, if you haven’t noticed, I stopped posting my Whole30 updates everyday. That was in part due to my crazy schedule as I prepared all of our mission trips (3) next summer. The main reason is that Laura and I fell off the Whole30 horse the day after Thanksgiving. Since then, we’ve been eating better and I’ve kept my weight off, but our health has got worse.

While on Whole30, all of my migraines stopped. I’ve been having up to a couple a week for a years. Since going off of Whole30, my migraines have come back. I had two yesterday  and two last week. While I was doing some research on triggers, one medical website suggested a diet that is very similar to Whole30. So, if you ask me if Whole30 is worth it….the answer is YES. Laura and I have decided we will try to get back on that horse. Eating Whole30 is a whole lot cheaper than $100-200.00 in migraine prevention pills a month! Aside from the migraines, I’ve also noticed decreased energy, poor quality of sleep, and a cloudy head.

We lasted 15 days on Whole30. Now it’s time to make it a lifestyle…

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