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Stars for Kenya


Our student missions ministry is getting ready to launch our first team fundraiser on March 1st. We’re making our own spin of that other popular dancing show on ABC. We already have our senior minister, several other ministers, and a couple members gearing up to dance. It should be a blast! It’ll be fun to watch them “dance for dollars.”


Creative Fundraising 1

Kenya 2009 Shirts
As we ramp up our mission trip season, I’m looking for creative ways to leverage the internet/fundraising. Being a former missionary/trainer of fundraising techniques, I’m pretty “set” in proper ways to fundraise. However, I’m always looking for new ideas.  One way that I’ve recently discovered as been a group called CafePress. I’ve used them in the past and their products are great. I created a graphic that would symbolize where we are going, created a store with, uploaded my image, chose the items I wanted it to appear on, and BAM! We’re fundraising with special clothing items. 

In my opinion, here are some advantages to this approach:
1. I don’t have to buy a bunch of shirts and mess with sizes.
2. I don’t have to mess with any money or shipping.
3. The buyer can choose their product.
4. The store is international.
5. CafePress takes care of creating a storefront, site design, etc.
6. The buyer gets something for their donation!

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