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Quick Product Review: Things


A screenshot from my "Things"

A screenshot from my "Things"

I’ve been using the beta version of “Things” for sometime. If you have a Mac, it’s a great/simple program. Things allows you to focus on what you need to focus on without any extra hassle. If provides you an “inbox” to insert ideas that come off the top of your head, a “today” feature that shows you what you need to get done today, and a section called “next.” You can schedule tasks, assign them to teammates, and tag items for easy recall. It has a system wide search feature, projects, and areas of responsibility. It even lists an area where you can put ideas/task for a future “someday” project. If you have $49.95, it’s well worth it! Things also gave everyone who beta tested a coupon that I can share with people. It’s valid until January 15th and gives you 20% off. When you purchase Things, enter the following coupon: THINGSPRESALE20

Did I mention that it syncs with a “Things” iPhone/iPod Touch program?!?! 

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