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DIY: Star Trek Doors

I must have these…..(click image for link)


Have you ever?

Have you guys ever had an idea that you think would make a lot of money but would also cause people to stumble. Well….I’m that guy. For some time, I’ve had the idea of creating a couple Christian t-shirts to spark conversation and help witness for Christ, but I know they would cause a lot of controversy. Neither are “wrong,” but both carry with it an idea that certain people just couldn’t handle. I’m sure I would be labelled a “Christian crazy” and my my get a free dinner at the Incredible Pizza company card would be taken away. Oh well….snap! Now that I just typed that, I remembered that I can’t even use that incredible card because it’s not “whole30” compliant. Fail!

Mullet Mania


These are awesome! Check out the great mullets from

Have you ever felt like this? I have…

I’ve had flight screw ups while on mission trips. While I’ve wanted to act this way sometimes, I actually never have. It’s refreshing to see someone be crazy. This lady missed her flight from Hong Kong to San Fransisco. CNN reports that she caught a flight 3 hours later….

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