my life as a student minister

“Whole30 Challenge” Day 9

This past weekend, I went to a state youth conference called ICYC. Let me tell you…it was the hardest thing ever eating wise! I wasn’t able to prepare any of my meals (or more accurately stated, my wife). We had to eat out every meal and my options had to be between several fast food restaurants so the students could have a choice. On the bright side, I found out that Subway will make you a “sandwich salad” without the bread and anything else you don’t want. I had two of those, a salad at Panera (without all the junk), and actually had a steak one night. I managed to find a couple restaurants near an Applebee’s. The students made fun of me when I broke out my nuts to eat during one of the main sessions, but heck…I was hungry!

Two of our friends decided to drop out of the challenge due to extra money being spent of the food. They needed to lower their food budget even more to save some money and that took out the super healthy stuff. Our food budget has cost more, but it hasn’t been that bad. Tonight I broke down and had a drumstick–my only cheat of 9 days. It was good for about 2 minutes and then I tasted all the chemicals in it. Needless to say, I probably won’t be having one of those for awhile. Clean eat has really changed my view on that type of stuff. No chemicals =’s a healthier Nick. I praise God that he took away the greatness of that ice cream!


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