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Today marked the first day of a new way of eating in the Farr household. Friends of ours challenged us to cleanse ourselves as we look at ways to eat healthier for my heart. My doctors informed me several weeks ago that if I changed what I ate, I could possibly prolong my next open heart surgery and come off some of my medications. Since then, I’ve been looking at the Vegan lifestyle. To be truthful, it doesn’t really excite me. I’m a born and raised southern boy used to eating meat and potatoes. I’m not sold on the Vegan lifestyle yet, but we figured we could get started cleansing our system in preparation for the lifestyle change. Enter the “Whole 30” challenge. (Thanks Neil and Megan!) If you haven’t checked out the website, it’s crazy. But, I’m convinced it’ll help us feel better and help my heart. I think this is going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. Being a youth minister means a lot of junk food, lunch meetings, and meals on the go. By the grace of God, I’ll make it through this change, respect my godly temple more, and help my heart stay better.

I’m going to be blogging for the next 30 days so you can take the ride with me. I’ll try to take a picture…we’ll see if that works!

Here are my beginning stats:
Summary: First day with no preservatives, additives, and extra chemicals.
Beginning weight: 229
Blood Pressure: 130/65
# of Medications: 7 (two are for blood pressure, one for fibromyalgia)


Comments on: "“Whole 30” Challenge: Day 1" (2)

  1. Nick,

    You may be surprised at how much a Whole30 (or Whole45, or a Whole60…) improves biomarkers, and your health. We do not believe a vegan lifestyle is the healthiest for anyone – or the best suited for reducing systemic inflammation (the major central risk factor for lifestyle related diseases and conditions). Perhaps you’ll be able to improve your health in the manner you and your doctors want to see without having to give up high quality animal products – we certainly believe that’s not only possible, but the way you can BEST achieve optimal health.

    Best of luck to you during your Whole30!
    Melissa & Dallas

  2. Thank Melissa!

    About the vegan lifestyle…really? I’ve always assumed it was the best. I love meat!

    I’ll have to get with my doctors and come up with a better plan.

    Thanks again!

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