my life as a student minister

Student Mission Trips 2011

Each year our students have the opportunity to participate in three mission trips designed to progressively introduce them to missions.  I believe that students should have an awareness of global conditions and have a safe environment to “learn” how to serve and share their faith. The ministry I serve in provides four levels of mission involvement. Feel free to copy this system and look for more details as I blog our progress with 2011 trips.

CrossWalk Missions:

101- Local service projects

201- A work trip somewhere in America

301- An evangelism centered trip in Latin America

401- An evangelism centered trip somewhere in the world

For our students to progress to the next level, they must have successfully completed the previous level. Our 201-401 levels require monthly team meetings and training. My goal is to give each student the opportunity to experience four mission trip opportunities before they graduate. This year we’re going to 201 Milligan College, TN (with CIY Know Sweat, middle school), 201 New Orleans (high school), and 401 Japan (high school). 301 & 401 team members are required to support raise…a.k.a. their parents can’t pay the entire amount.

I realize that this system won’t work for everyone, but we’re in a fourth year and we’re experiencing huge growth over previous years. Let me know your thoughts…


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