my life as a student minister

Guest Information-Bottles

Several years ago we decided to overhaul how we handled first time guest information. The evolution started when we went from using “thank you” plastic bags to clear “party” bags. However, we wanted to step up our first impressions with students and provide something that was usable. Coming from an advertising background, I thought about not only picking something that was useful, but also communicated our ministry brand. We settled on water bottles and stuffed our info brochure, calendar, and some candy into them. I attached the latest version of our bottles. I ordered these a couple weeks ago and they came in the mail today. In case you want to copy this idea, here is a link to our exact product. We paid $2.97 a bottle and will sell them to students for around $6. Guest will get them for free.

As a side note, we also include these bottles with our overseas mission trips costs. Each 401 missions student gets one before we leave.


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