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Our ministry made the decision to start using a text message solution for our students and parents. I’m curious to see what you guys use for your service. I’ve complied a list of a couple text messaging solutions to get the list started. Let me know if you find any other solutions.

What we use right now:
Tatango– Starts at $24.00 a month with 300 messages and 2 keywords. It comes with a free 30 day trial and you can cancel anytime. You can also send to multiple groups. iPhone friendly.

Other options:
SimplyTXT– This service is by Simply Youth Ministry. Starts at $10.00 a month with 50 contacts, 1 group, 30 group messages, no keywords. A free trial is offered.

EzTexting– Pay as you go option (2.5 cents for standard messages), Monthly plans start at $10.00 with 400 standard messages, $25 per keyword. A free trial is offered.

TextChurch– Plans start at $24.95 for 350 messages. No contract.

TextMarks– Free ad-supported option. Includes 3 keywords with unlimited messages. Non-ad versions provided starting at $9.95. (Thanks Keith! Twitter: Keith_Parker1)


Trumpia– Our ministry is now using this service instead of Tatango.


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  1. Hi Nick!

    My name is Debra Brown, and my company, MobilizeUs ( also provides group text messaging services. We provide discounted pricing for religious organizations, and our service plans start at $4.99/month for 500 messages. Our standard plan that works best for most of our church groups costs $19.99 for 1,000 messages.

    We would be incredibly appreciative if you could add our service to your list of options.

    Thanks, and have a blessed day!

    Debra Brown
    Co-Founder and COO

    Also, if you are interested in looking beyond your current solution, I would be happy to put you in touch with one or more of the many church groups that use our service

  2. We currently use simply text, but I am evaluating changing. It is very easy to use, but it is difficult to get teens to sign up. I would like to move toward a service that allows teens to sign up via text message. I mean, that’s what they use all the time and is why we use the text service anyway. 🙂 One that was recommended on is
    Let me know what you guys decide!


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