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To push forward or retreat?


So, I’m at a personal crossroads. I launched a business called “” about 5 months ago with the idea of providing professionally designed templates to ministries at a very low cost. My idea was to help churches that couldn’t afford designers by making it easy to switch from clipart to custom. That was my idea. 3 sales later..I’m not for sure it’s working. I’ve poured my heart into this business and I’m still getting site hits. To date, I’ve had 1,500 + website hits. I think that’s pretty good for little to no marketing budget.

So where I’m at now is…do I close business or “fix” what is wrong with my current business model. I’m not a business major and all the feedback I’ve been given has been good, yet I’ve only had 3 sales. Suggestions?


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  1. Just stumbled across your blog and as a result onto your church solutions site. I think it’s a great idea and fantastic service, so would hate to see it shut down. You may want to consider finding ways to get more attention to it through blogs. For example, I found you through a comment you left about clover, which led me to your student ministries site, which led me to this blog. Find relevant places where you can comment about your site and see if it pushes more traffic to it. I like your designs; however, right now I don’t have a use for those particular designs. I think that may be another reason why you’ve had such a low conversion rate (traffic to sales)–your product offerings, while quality, are slim. (Freedom is beautiful, by the way.)

    So anyway, just my two cents from a fellow student ministries pastor. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Don’t stop your service, its awesome.

  3. Thanks!

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