my life as a student minister

Heart Update a Month Later

Hey Guys!

It’s good to be back. If you live in Greenwood, then you’ve probably seen me around. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then this probably isn’t that new for you, but I wanted to bring everyone up to speed.

It’s been 32 days since my open-heart surgery. In some ways, time has gone by very slow and in others I can’t believe it’s been so long. I’ve been living with a pig valve and a cloth type’s crazy how technology advances! Everyday I get a step closer to the “old Nick” and I forget more and more than I just had major surgery. In two weeks, I’ll go visit my heart surgeon and he’ll release me to my normal doctors. I can’t wait!

I’m eager to start life again to the fullest (I’m on a lot of restrictions now).
I’m eager to begin preaching again (this coming up Sunday).
I’m eager to head back to the gym and work out.
I’m eager to drive!
I’m eager to just be me again.

Going through this process has been much different than any before. If you remember, this was my 4th major heart surgery.  God has been faithful along the way. I may write about things that I’ve learned along this journey and I may decide to keep those offline. But, I assure you that God is good. God sustains me and God has taught me a tremendous amount about himself.

Thank you for your prayers, cards, visits, food, and love.
Psalm 13:5, “I will trust in His unfailing love…”  (my theme verse for surgery)


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