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Clover Websites

We purchased our first clover website about 7 months ago and haven’t looked back. I’m a pretty big fan of theirs because the quality of design they offer mixed with the ability to easily update the site is unmatched. Being a print/web designer, I have pretty high standards. For a 1,000.00 you can’t beat it!

We’re at Catalyst West Coast Conference now in Orange County, CA where Clover sponsored a party last night. We won a free flip video camera…another reason why Clover rocks!

Check em out!


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  1. Jared T Holland said:

    First off, I wanted to say that my prayers are going out to ya Nick and your entire family as you go though this. I joined the 65 hours of prayer on facebook thinking that this had something to do with missions. As it turned out,I was wrong.

    Nick, you were a great encouragment to me throughout my JBC career. Your laughs and passion for people was one of the influences into what I do today (radio). I am more then confident that you will come out of this and the recovery will be smooth.

    Again, you will be in my prayers, and I will also keep Laura in my prayers to stay strong.

    I miss ya man, God bless ya, and get well soon.

    Jared Holland

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