my life as a student minister

Our results

Our results

This past week we used a new service that was recommended by this blog. Sign-up was super easy and we were ready to go in about 30 minutes. Poll Everywhere has tons of features such as: web voting, smartphone voting, normal text voting. You can also download slides (powerpoint & keynote) that will update live in your own sermon presentation. We didn’t have time to mess with that, so we just showed the web interface on our screen.

Getting results was super fast. It’s almost instant. We posted a question, gave the text numbers, and within a second results starting showing up live on our screen. Our students thought it was pretty cool and it was neat to use this as an illustration in our service. Poll Everywhere also has the option for interactive worship. Instead of fighting text messenging during your serivce, you should try to integrate it. We did and it was awesome!


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