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Update: Apple Remote Review

As promised, here is my review of Apple’s remote. I used it two weeks ago during a service. Since our internal wireless network was down, I had to use our tech iMac to create a computer-to-computer wireless network. Once that was created, I was able to connect my iPhone to Keynote and run the presentation.

The interface was really nice. I was easily able to go forward (with a swipe) or backward without looking at my screen. The remote also disabled the screen lock. In general, the experience was great. I did have my computer-to-computer network go down during one of our services. For that service, our tech person had to take over my sermon from the screen. For our second hour, everything worked great. You may want to note that I didn’t use the “note” feature of Keynote. I didn’t want to look at the remote and take away from eye contact with students. Here are a several pictures of the different controls and options.



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