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Creative Fundraising 1

Kenya 2009 Shirts
As we ramp up our mission trip season, I’m looking for creative ways to leverage the internet/fundraising. Being a former missionary/trainer of fundraising techniques, I’m pretty “set” in proper ways to fundraise. However, I’m always looking for new ideas.  One way that I’ve recently discovered as been a group called CafePress. I’ve used them in the past and their products are great. I created a graphic that would symbolize where we are going, created a store with, uploaded my image, chose the items I wanted it to appear on, and BAM! We’re fundraising with special clothing items. 

In my opinion, here are some advantages to this approach:
1. I don’t have to buy a bunch of shirts and mess with sizes.
2. I don’t have to mess with any money or shipping.
3. The buyer can choose their product.
4. The store is international.
5. CafePress takes care of creating a storefront, site design, etc.
6. The buyer gets something for their donation!


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