my life as a student minister

The day after Christmas

The day after Christmas is always crazy for me. For our ministry is signifies an update in programming, a new year of opportunities, and a shifting to “mission trip” mode for me. I’m really excited for 2009 and for good reason. We’re getting ready to kick off a fresh update. Here is what it looks like: 

Sunday Morning-
9:30 AM, Middle School Worship (Ichthus) 
9:30 AM, A couple High School Real Life small groups
9:30 AM, The Bridge (HS, First time guests)
9:30 AM, HS Hour of Service 
10:30 AM, Cafe Time

11:00 AM, High School Worship (Veritas)
11:00 AM, A couple 6th grade Real Life small groups
11:00 AM, The Bridge (MS First time guests)
11:00 AM, MS (7-8th) Hour of Service

Sunday Night: 
7-8:30 PM, Real Life small groups (various homes)

Wednesday Night:
7-8:30 PM, CrossWalk U (University), ‘course’ Bible Study 

CrossWalk Missions:
March- Appalachia, KY (through CrossRoads Missions) (15 students/adults)
June- Dominican Republic (24 students/adults)
July- Kenya (through (15 students/adults)


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